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Who can use 2Good2Toss?

To be eligible to post items, users must reside in participating Washington state counties or cities, or obtain permission from the local site administrator.

There is no charge for listing qualifying items on the 2good2toss site. The maximum amount individuals may charge per item shall be decided by each local site administrator. Ads that attempt to bypass this price limit (where and if it exists) by stating a higher price in the text of the listing, may be deleted and the poster barred from future use of the site.

The intent of the site is to provide an avenue for exchanging reusable materials that might otherwise be disposed or thrown away. It shall not be used for the sale of retail products or services by for-profit individuals or businesses. The site is intended for not-for-profit users with surplus materials.

2good2toss exists as an informational forum to foster the lawful exchange, reuse, and recycling of otherwise waste materials. It is the responsibility of 2good2toss users to be familiar with any legal limitations that may exist for the exchange of listed materials.

iWasteNot Systems and individual site administrators reserve the right to refuse, edit, or delete any listing deemed inappropriate or delete a user from the site.